Allowing Anonymous users to create a node, then force registration

******* This is a work in progress. I'm updating it as I go along, so keep this in mind and be patient.
Here's a walkthrough of how to allow anonymous users to create a node and then force registration on them when they try to submit the form.
Yes, it's pretty evil, but this way maybe you'll get more conversions into members of your site.

Here's what you'll need.

This tutorial is for DRUPAL 6. This site is built on drupal 7, but if you look at the example, it'll be on my development drupal 6 site at

You're going to need:

Drupal 6

The following contrib modules:
Modal frame API
Modal Frame contrib package dev version (As of this time, only the dev version contains the Registration module).
Jquery UI
Jquery Update (I used the Dev version because it was more recent).
Jquery Library. Version 1.7.x (Trust me, I've tried the newer versions and it doesn't work.) I used 1.7.3 in my case.

Jquery Cookie Library from Carhartl

You need to install the jquery library in sites/all/libraries and make sure the extracted folder is renamed from jquery-ui.1.7.3 to jquery.ui

Go ahead and enable the following modules in your block settings

Modal Frame API
Modal Frame Register
jQuery UI
jQuery Update

Now to test it out, you should enable the modal frame register block in your website in any region.

Here's some issues I've come across: using the sandbox project I created works beautifully, however, there's issues if there's a file input.
Due to security reasons, we can't repopulate this data with the cookies we saved.

I thought I had it all figured out with these two modules:

It'd allow anon users to create content and view them in draft mode.

Now I need to look into saving a session id into a hidden field and then attaching it back to the user, however, this presents some problems.
When the user logs in or creates a new account, the session variables are destroyed and a new session id is created!

So there goes that idea.

Drupal Version: