How to figure out CSS

As you're developing and debugging your Drupal sites and themes here's some tips:

Turn off caching. Your pages won't show any changes if you have caching turn on.
Turn off css aggregation. You're going to notice a bunch of problems trying to figure out which stylesheet contains a specific style. (In firebug, it's going to look something like this:
body.toolbar-drawer { css_dsafdsfdsafhrlkfdagibberish.css:8}

That's because drupal aggregates the css files.

You may wonder why Drupal aggregates the css files, but they do it for performance reasons. 1 call to a file is faster than a whole ton of calls to 50 different stylesheets.
Speaking of 50 stylesheets, if one of your visitors is using Internet Explorer, their visit won't be as pleasant because IE still has a limitation of 30 stylesheets.

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