Silverback Strength Equipment

Silverback Strength Equipment sells strongman equipment. A unique niche. They're based out of North Carolina and sponsor many local events.

This website was quickly created to market and sell high-quality gym equipment that is hard to find in stores.  SSE definitely sells a niche product that you won’t find in mainstream gyms and sporting goods stores.  The World’s Strongest Man competitions aren’t exactly the biggest markets since they are only featured on the smaller ESPN.

As a new start-up small business, the owner contacted us and wanted an affordable website that showcased their products and allowed them to sell their products online.  The backend of the website allows our client to easily modify the pages professionally instead of using clunky software.  Originally SSE was being built on Intuit Small Business Websites platform (homestead) which was all static pages and their Intuit Website Builder software was really clunky and hard to use.  Their websites are really ugly and do not look professional at all.

We set up to showcase the products and also videos of similar products in action.    An online storefront and cart allows customers to quickly order items and checkout through PayPal.