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Drupal Essentials: Drush

Drush is one drupal tool that has changed my life.

It makes it so much easier to upgrade sites, download modules, clear caches, and so much more.
Best of all, it's a killer time saver.

drush documentation can be a little lacking, but thanks to the Drupal NYC meetups, I learned a ton from other drupalistas.
One of my favorite tips is aliases. That's how you can target a specific site to enable modules and perform other actions.

Other stuff I use from drush:
drush @sites cc all
drush @alias en modulename
drush @alias dl module

Is your comments queue getting too full?

I rarely do visit my site and approve comments because I don't get enough activity for me to come back everyday.
So what to do? Set up some sort of alert so that I know when someone has posted something, whether it's spam or a legit comment.

Here's a tutorial I used:

Configuring Apache and SSL

You're gonna need this in order to enable Facebook Canvas pages because Facebook Canvas pages now require SSL in order for the pages to appear in the facebook iframe.

Here's a couple resources I've consulted to get SSL working in my apache server.


Facebook OAuth Module

In addition to the modal registration, I'm tasked to get the FB OAuth Module working in Drupal 6.

Just plugged it into this site and drupal 7, and I must say it's pretty cool.

Now, where do I plug this in to get it working sitewide?  The module is pretty well built.  

How to figure out CSS

As you're developing and debugging your Drupal sites and themes here's some tips:

Turn off caching. Your pages won't show any changes if you have caching turn on.
Turn off css aggregation. You're going to notice a bunch of problems trying to figure out which stylesheet contains a specific style. (In firebug, it's going to look something like this:
body.toolbar-drawer { css_dsafdsfdsafhrlkfdagibberish.css:8}

That's because drupal aggregates the css files.

Allowing Anonymous users to create a node, then force registration

******* This is a work in progress. I'm updating it as I go along, so keep this in mind and be patient.
Here's a walkthrough of how to allow anonymous users to create a node and then force registration on them when they try to submit the form.
Yes, it's pretty evil, but this way maybe you'll get more conversions into members of your site.

Here's what you'll need.