I created this photography website for a friend of mine. She wanted a minimalist design to really emphasize her photographs. One requirement was to not use any Flash so that the website can still be viewed on an iPad.

Silverback Strength Equipment sells strongman equipment. A unique niche. They're based out of North Carolina and sponsor many local events.

A client approached me to build them a website to sell their professional editing services. They needed a full store with a shopping cart and checkout system.

Their company provides multiple services:

Give Children a Choice is a non-profit that builds schools in Laos.  They build schools in impoverished and war-torn areas of the country.  They needed a website that they could easily modify on their own without having to contact me to do it.

Here’s a quick website I implemented to explain the editing services of Elegant Editor. It’s very simple, clean and allows the editor to post articles and tips to keep readers coming back.